Jim Davis Award

When James H. Davis passed away in 2008, it sent a ripple of sadness throughout the downtown development community. As a reporter for The Business Journal for 12 years covering real estate, development and banking, his tireless efforts to report these topics gave Jim access to business leaders throughout Kansas City. His passion for developing downtown Kansas City was well known. Before his passing, Jim wrote a passage for his own Memorial Service that was a challenge to the citizens of Kansas City to keep the Kansas City renaissance alive. He felt that it was our task to light the world with the power of relationships and to recognize what is truly important.

"Because no such attribute is more limited than time - trust me on this one: when your time's over, it's gone forever - nothing holds more power than the ability to illuminate and thereby stretch it." – Jim Davis

Since 2009, the KC Downtowners annually remembers Jim by honoring a prominent downtown contributor with the Jim Davis Award.

  • 2018 Award Recipient - Mike Burke

  • 2017 Award Recipient - Bill Dietrich

  • 2016 Award Recipient - Russ Johnson

  • 2015 Award Recipient - Suzie Aron

  • 2014 Award Recipient - Evelyn Craig

  • 2013 Award Recipient - Mel Mallin

  • 2012 Award Recipient - Shirley Helzberg

  • 2011 Award Recipient - Whitney Kerr, Sr

  • 2010 Award Recipient - Tom McDonnell

  • 2009 Award Recipient - Mayor Kay Barnes