Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  $30 walk-up lunch charge?  Ouch!  Why can't I RSVP early and pay $25 at the door?
A:  We need to ensure there is enough food for everyone. That is why advance sign-up ends at midnight the evening prior to the event and the final number is sent to the caterer, who plans accordingly. We can always accommodate a few walk-ups, but cannot encourage the 'pay-at-the-door' method for this reason.

Q:  I don't want to use my credit card to pay online.  Can I please RSVP early and pay $25 at the door?
A:  We feel your pain, but no.  To get the $25 lunch price, you need to pay online directly through our website. Otherwise, please bring $30 per person in cash or check to pay at the door.

Q:  My plans changed and I can't make the event - what are my options?
A:  Please send somebody else in your place.  They can either mention they are coming in your place at the check-in table, or, any day prior to day of the event, you can change the check-in name by sending an email to:  If you can't find a friend, co-worker or client to send, please check with your accountant and take a tax deduction for your lunch: we will immediately donate the lunch you purchased to The Ronald McDonald House!

Q:  Why the NO REFUND policy?
A:  Once a guest pays online, an order is automatically placed with our caterer.  We are an all-volunteer Board. We don't have paid staff or manpower available to process online refunds and make the necessary calls/adjustments to the catering order.

Q:  If I join your email list, will you share my address with anybody?
A:  Absolutely not!  Nobody (not even our Board Members) have access to your email address! 

Q:  Will you please forward information about my not-for-profit to your email list?
A:  No.  We commit to only sending information about KC Downtowners business, no more than once per week to our 900+ email addresses. 

Q:  I have an upcoming very cool downtown event.  May I please pass out literature at your luncheon or social?
A:  No.  The best way to advertise your very cool event to our very cool Downtowners is to sponsor a luncheon and take 5 minutes to chat up your event.  You are always welcome and encouraged to attend the networking portion of our luncheon and communicate to the folks you meet.  But please DO NOT put business cards, literature, magazines or fliers on the tables, chairs, or at the check-in desk.  That privilege is reserved for our luncheon sponsor.

Q:  May I please collect petition signatures at your event?
A:  No. You are welcome to request permission, but can only do so with the written authorization from our Board President. Please send the complete petition details to at least one week prior to our event.